My Precious Clowesia kenga

This is the most beloved orchid of mine. Feel free to enjoy the beauty of her.
Among my other collection, she's the most slowest blooming orchid and it is worth it to wait for a month from the day her showed the first spike from the lower part of her bulb.
At the very first time my wife, Umar and I saw this lovely orchid,
we thought it was a plastic or orchid's replica.
But now, these flowers are more darker and more fluffy than previous bloomed.
Below is the after-bloomed Dendrobium crumenatum.
Some people said that this species will only bloom once a year,
but my mother's orchid had bloomed for the third consecutive time this year.
Unluckily, I was in Putrajaya when these orchids in full bloomed.
Below is young mangosteen in my parents front yard.
Guess what fruit is this?
This renanthera is among the first orchid I bought to my mother.
First blooming Amboinensis in my patio.
This is the only orchid on my office table, Psychopsis Papilio
Near blooming flowers from both spikes.

This is a gift from my mother's best friend. It is the first time blooming in Lot 3390.
Laughter is the Best Medicine:
A doctor had just given a boy an injection in his arm. He was about to put a bandage on his arm when the boy said, Would you mind putting the bandage on my other arm, doctor?
> Why? I'm putting it over your vaccination so that the other boys will know not to bang into it.
You don't know the boys in my school, doctor!

John Smith was sent to Central Africa by his company. He sent a postcard to his wife
as soon as he arrived. Unfortunately it was delivered to another Mrs Smith whose
husband had died the day before. The postcard read: ARRIVED SAFELY THIS


Stephanie said...

Hello Ahmad, glad to know you. I look forward to knowing you and your plants better. I love the Clowesia kenga... so unique and look very mysterious. You have an impressive collection of plants. Where did you find such plant? That's a longan tree? Have a restful evening.

chekamala said...

It's my pleasure. Most of my orchids are from Terengganu and N9 nurseries.

Stephanie said...

TQ for the info. Happy Merdeka to you! Btw, are they expensive? I know those collector's orchids can cost around 1K.

chekamala said...

Happy Merdeka to you too. Some of these orchids are expensive (to me RM100-200 is expensive, more than that is above my budget)
Bulbo Phal owned by Master Shaifuls ( be sold at RM5,888.

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